How to offset your Carbon Footprint?

Costa Rica, renowned for its biodiversity, has successfully reversed its deforestation trend. Notably, in the nation’s greenhouse gas inventory submitted to the Climate Change Convention, the forestry sector stands out as a “carbon sink” rather than a “carbon emitter to the atmosphere”.


CAST, as a CST (Certification for Sustainable Tourism) company, we're providing a tool to calculate the emissions of gases generated during your visit and to offset the carbon footprint of air and land travels.

How does the calculator work?

You must enter the link provided here which redirects you to the FONAFIFO (National Forestry Financing Fund) website. There, you’ll find a calculator to estimate your greenhouse gas emissions, proceeding as follows:


  • Data: In this section, you should specify your country of origin and corresponding airport, number of passengers, destination country, and whether the trip is one-way or round-trip, then click “calculate”.
  • Results: Upon calculation, please go to the “results” section, displaying the CO2-e produced by the journey, representing the required compensation.
  • Compensation: Following the calculation, please proceed to the “compensate” section, where it is specified the amount in dollars to offset the generated gas emissions. Payment can be made using a debit or credit card. Upon completion, purchasers receive an online receipt.


By contributing to the purchase of greenhouse gas compensations, funds received in FONAFIFO’s bank account will support forest cover recovery (tree planting), forest protection, and watershed conservation efforts.

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