Costa Rica is a highly diverse country that has successfully reversed its deforestation process. Among all the sectors included in the country’s greenhouse gas inventory presented to the Climate Change Convention, the forestry sector is the only one that acts as a carbon sink, rather than a carbon emitter into the atmosphere.


We wish to provide our customers with a tool to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions generated during their trips and offset the carbon footprint of their air and land travel.

CAST, as a CST (Certificado de Sostenibilidad Turística) certified company, provides you with the following link:

How does it work?

The information our customers and tourists will find follows three steps:

  • Fill out the data.
  • Obtain the final results of gas emissions (it is possible to make changes, such as removing a trip or others).
  • Purchase offsets online.

Each buyer will receive an online receipt. The process can be carried out in Spanish or English.


The funds received are channeled into the ICT-FONAFIFO bank account to support initiatives that contribute to the restoration of Costa Rica’s forest cover.

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