CAST, a CST ELITE LEVEL certified agency

In order for our operations to thrive, this certification must be seamlessly integrated into the agency's marketing strategy. Below, you'll find an in-depth explanation of the significance carried by this certification:

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What is CST?

This technical certification acknowledges a level of excellence attained by tourism businesses that transform the idea of sustainable tourism into a tangible, pragmatic necessity for enhancing competitiveness within the country’s tourism sector. CST serves as a tool to enhance the responsible utilization of natural and social resources while fostering active community engagement.


Although CST is a national certification, it’s recognized by the World Tourism Organization because its criteria are of international standard. Thus, companies certified by CST also meet the global criteria for sustainable tourism (GSTC).


On November 17, 2022, at CAST, we renewed our CST certification with the Elite level, the highest qualification for our continuous improvement and sustainability management. With this tool, we aim to promote sustainable tourism in Costa Rica. We will continue to work actively to limit the impacts resulting from our tourism operations, strengthen social, cultural, environmental, and economic efforts, and develop the tourist destinations visited by our clients.