Our commitment

Organizing trips is not the sole mission of our agencies.

Our deepest desire is to provide you with a memorable experience by incorporating values that are meaningful to us.


We believe that our society is at a critical point in the environmental crisis. Without commitment from businesses and their clients, our planet’s resources will cease to be renewable.


Because we are aware of this and also because our company is part of the sustainability concern, we have integrated a higher purpose into our activities.

Physical-Biological Domain

To reduce our environmental footprint, we place great importance on daily actions that, in the long term, will make a difference. Here, CAST’s activities follow the ‘3R’ rule: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Below are some examples:


  • Use of energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • Use of public transportation by our employees.
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Availability of an area for waste separation management.
  • Utilization of the reverse side of papers.
  • Reduction of our water consumption.
  • Support for reforestation and forest protection programs.
  • Exclusive collaboration with car rental companies committed to reducing air pollution (thus, the means of transportation are certified through up-to-date technical inspections).
  • Compliance with current national environmental laws.
  • Financial assistance to associations working on the protection of local fauna and flora.

Service Management

This field aims to build upon the company’s existing efforts, including the implementation of environmental protection policies and programs.


  • Signing a sustainable development contract between the company and all its suppliers. This agreement commits the suppliers to abide by the laws governing sustainable tourism in Central America and to undertake various projects and actions that contribute to sustainable tourism development.
  • Inspection of tourism service provision by CAST staff.
  • Distribution of a customer satisfaction survey at the end of the trip.
  • Raising awareness through social media channels (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram) and the website.

Customer Management

These actions are aimed at encouraging customer involvement in the conservation of natural resources and community development:


  • Travelers are presented with a gift bag containing locally sourced fair-trade products (such as chocolate, candies, plush toys, recyclable and reusable plastic water bottles, etc.).
  • We provide a welcome card printed on organic paper made from banana leaf fibers.
  • Our Costa Rica map, given upon arrival, emphasizes water and energy conservation, offers recommendations for environmental protection and sustainability, and provides safety tips for traveling within the country.

Socio-economic Management

“TRC Viajes” is a local initiative created by women. Thanks to their programs, we can organize authentic adventures through rural and community-based tourism, enabling responsible and sustainable travel.


With these experiences, travelers can discover the work carried out by local and indigenous communities in support of environmental conservation. This transforms them into conscious travelers who aim to leave a “green footprint” and promote the socioeconomic development of community members.