For nearly 20 years, CAST has excelled in delivering personalized attention when designing travel projects. We offer tailored expertise, advice, and recommendations to match our clients’ needs and preferences. Be it prior to or during the journey, rest assured of top-notch services across all aspects, from accommodations and transportation to local flights, activities, dining, and guided tours.


Our guides, seasoned naturalists, manage daily logistics and undergo regular training to foster a warm and convivial group dynamic unique to Latin America. CAST specializes in crafting custom journeys, group itineraries, and comprehensive Costa Rica and Panama packages. For Incentive travel (MICE), our skilled team devises original concepts that set you apart. Whether it’s for business, romance, or family, our experts adapt programs to cater to the diverse profiles of your clients.

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Are you looking for a trip that suits you? A journey that allows you to discover inaccessible places? An adventure or luxury trip? With family, solo, or as a couple?


Embarking on a personal journey allows you to discover our offered destinations in utmost privacy. We curate a tailored trip experience to align with your budget, interests, and the time you can allocate, providing a diverse selection of activities, accommodations, and transportation choices to ensure a perfect match. Committed to providing you with quality service, the CAST team takes care of coordinating every detail of the program, from the initial idea to the final realization.


This customized adventure seamlessly blends exploration and a refreshing change of surroundings, all while upholding our commitment to environmental and community sustainability. It’s a journey that encapsulates the essence of CAST, infused with the vibrant hues of Central America.

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15, 50, 100 people, or more? Being aware that group travel is primarily a social context, we like to incorporate values of sharing so that everyone can have an enriching experience. Therefore, we offer you the possibility of creating a tailor-made program based on the profile and size of your group.


Stretching from Nicaragua in the north to Panama in the south, with Costa Rica lining the western Pacific coast and the picturesque Caribbean shores gracing the east, Central America offers abundant opportunities for group exploration, allowing you to uncover every nook and cranny of this captivating region.


Would you like to add a theme to your trip? How about photography, local agriculture, or volunteering? The CAST team customizes your request using our extensive network of service providers associated with our agency.

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An incentive, stimulation, or loyalty trip? The organization of an event, meeting, seminar, or congress? Central America is a great source of inspiration for incentive travel, and for good reason… What better way to reward your employees than with a trip that combines discovery, dynamism, and sharing?


Our dynamic team has extensive experience in incentive travel; our expertise in event techniques and a deep knowledge of the countries we offer allow us to provide you with comprehensive service in organizing your project.


Participate in crafting a program brimming with immersive experiences, allowing your creativity to soar. This presents a remarkable opportunity to embark on a distinctive and unforgettable journey, one that fosters deeper connections within your organization, a truly exceptional voyage.

24/7 Assistance

During your journey, you will have the possibility to communicate with an associate at any time. This contact will answer all your questions, provide you with advice throughout your journey, assist you with administrative procedures, or in unforeseen situations (accidents, last-minute activity organization, loss of important documents, etc.). The assistance proves immensely valuable in these countries teeming with surprises.

A spirit of advice

Our agents provide comprehensive assistance and precise advice in the coordination of your journey. Additionally, we will provide you with a travel guide filled with various tips and country specific information. This way, you can optimize your time to fully enjoy your destination and avoid issues that some tourists may encounter during the trip.

Great involvement

CAST owes its reputation to its experience in Central America, but also to its continuously renewed commitment. Nowadays, the agency has achieved a 5 out of 5 rating in the CST label, a recognition commensurate with its involvement in favor of the environment and local communities.

An adaptable offer

Leveraging our profound understanding of the destinations we present, our agency empowers you to dream big when planning your journeys. As a result, we've broadened our offerings to encompass a diverse array of activities and services to satisfy your every desire. This comes with the assurance of a seamless experience, adhering to a meticulously crafted and adaptable budget tailored to your preferences, all without any unwelcome surprises.