At the crossroads of America!

CAST is committed to crafting experiences that not only meet client expectations but also uphold the integrity of the environment, local cultures, and the rich heritage of both destinations. We strongly oppose any form of tourist exploitation and guarantee the preservation of the visited sites.


What sets us apart are our high-quality programs, a product of continuous oversight and the excellence ingrained in our services. Our commitment extends to providing comprehensive operational support before, during, and after the journey, ensuring that your clients’ time in Central America becomes an authentically unique experience.


Sitting at the southern tip of Central America, the Republic of Panama stands as the final country in the region. While it is renowned for its 77-kilometer-long canal linking the Pacific and Caribbean, Panama offers much more. Its tourist allure includes unspoiled beaches, delightful climates, rich biodiversity, a mosaic of ethnic cultures, and vibrant coral reefs.


The interplay of piracy and the colonial era forms a culturally rich historical tapestry.

Panama is an impressive cultural treasure.

Entering this country means mixing with its 4,351,000 inhabitants, a population with multiple traditions, including 7 wonderful indigenous ethnicities that live freely in the forest, preserving their culture and rituals intact.

Not far from the modern and cosmopolitan Panama City, you’ll discover a country with lush tropical jungles, magnificent indigenous sanctuaries in the mountains, and numerous historical sites.

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