Central America offers a wide range of tourist attractions, but its most significant feature is its untamed wilderness. To preserve it, we devote our time to implementing responsible actions and projects.


In this eco-responsible approach, our primary goal is to maintain absolute transparency regarding our operations. Our commitment underscores our aspiration to distinguish ourselves by continually enhancing the quality of our services and our environmental initiatives.

Romelia Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Its aim is to protect the populations of sea turtles that nest on the beaches. This program began in 2009 with the collaboration of local and international volunteers who participate in turtle monitoring for research purposes and in various protection actions.

The project is located in the Romelia Wildlife Refuge in Montezuma, on the Nicoya Peninsula, which is part of the Tempisque Protection Zone (ACT). This refuge is part of the Peninsula Biological Corridor, which also includes Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve, Curu Mixed Wildlife Refuge, Karen Morgensen Natural Reserve, and Nicolas Wessberg Natural Reserve.


The Puma Conservation Center

In 2009, we established a partnership with the Puma Conservation Center. This center was founded in the 1960s, a period when deforestation in the Guanacaste region was most significant.


The main objective of the “Conservation Center” is to care for animals that have been removed from their natural environment to ensure their recovery and, eventually, their reintroduction into their natural habitat. Animals that cannot be reintegrated into their natural environment receive appropriate care. The presence of these animals helps raise awareness among tourists and locals about the protection of wildlife and its environment.


In addition to their wildlife protection mission, the center offers an environmental education and volunteer program through numerous activities conducted throughout the year.


The “Territorio de Zaguates” Center

Central America is home to our furry friends, the dogs. “Territorio de Zaguates” is a project aimed at sheltering them and providing special care for their health and nutrition. The ultimate goal is to find families who will take care of them.


These dogs have a vast area where they can thrive in a healthy environment. The center provides essential veterinary services for animals that used to roam the streets.


Today, “Territorio de Zaguates” is home to over 700 dogs and around fifty cats, all ready to be adopted by loving families.